Search Engine Optimization Jobs

Search Engine Optimization Jobs:

Search Engine Optimization has its own separate identity. SEO experts can get projects and use seo techniques to boost up the website in top ten results where the website get free traffic from search engines. Google has 56% share of total worldwide searches. So every seo expert tries to focus the Google for optimization of websites.  Other search engines follow the strategy of Google.  If you get experts of search engine strategies then you can optimize your website in such a way that search engines give priority in fetching in response of search terms searched by the worldwide internet users.  You can earn lot of money for this work. For getting expert in this field you must need to learn more and more about search engine.  Google webmaster tool is helpful in this regard. You need to study from Google Webmaster tool carefully then you are able to use optimization techniques in your website.  Google keywords tools will also help you in judging the average searches of a specific keyword and competition around the world.


Following are the basic tips and tricks of SEO.


On Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization

1-On Page Optimization:

In on page optimization you just need to use keywords in Title Tag. You should use two or three keywords in Title tag.

Meta description tag: In this tag you will write a sentence about your topic. The sentence must contain the keyword you use in the title tag.

Meta Keywords Tag: In this tag you must need to put related keywords. You should use the same key words that you have already used in title tag and Meta description tag.

Use Keywords in Body: Now you will use these keywords in the main content body. You should first give title of content. Title should be in Heading Format like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. In the title you will use the same keyword you have used in above tags.  Now in the main body you will use the same keyword systematically is such a way that every paragraph should contain this key word at least two times. Besides this, you must give the links to these keywords. Keywords used within the body must be bold in writing. You must link other pages with these key words.  At the end of article you must give the same keywords and give links to them. If you are using images in website then you must give the alt tags with these images. Because the search engines can not read the images used in websites.  Instead they can recognize the image with the help of Alt Tag.  It was the on page optimization.

Now we will discuss the off page optimization:

2-Off Page Optimization:

Following are the steps in off page optimization:

Generate Sitemap in this website (

Host your website for long time. You should host your website for more than ten year in advance.  Search Engines give preference to those sites whose are registered for long time. Search engines give very less importance to those sites whose expire within the year. Because the students take one year hosting normally and these sites have very low quality web content.

Download Sitemap and upload to this sitemap to the outer root of your website. In such way that the web address of site map will be in such a way is the name of your website. When you click on this link than you will see your generated sitemap on front of you.

Now you will open Google Webmaster Tool with the help of your Gmail address.


Now you will click on the option (ADD A SITE).

Write the name of website and than click on continue.

Now you have many options on the left side of your screen (Dashboard, Messages, Configuration,   Health, Traffic, Optimization, and Lab.

First, you will click on “Health” and you will find various options in drop down list.

Now you will click on “”Fetch as Google”

You are seeing the name of your website and a blank box. You will write the name of your web pages in black box and click on “Fetch”

Now go back to the main menu Click on “Optimization” and then click on “Sitemaps” here you find an option of “” ADD/TEST” SITEMAP” in blank box you will write “sitemap.xml” and click on “Submit Sitemap”.

Similarly, you will try other option given in the Google webmaster tool.


There is no need to describe each and every point in deal. Because there are very step by step guide line to use Google Webmaster Tool.  You can learn more and more about Google webmaster tool.  Google webmaster Tool will help you in making search engine friendly websites. You should not violate the policies of Google Webmaster Tool. Otherwise Google will panelize your website for ever. After panelizing your website you will not be able to get search engine traffic.

The most important technique is this that you should create valuable content for your website where the user stay and come back again. While bringing out the websites as a search result the Google keep focus on more than 200 points and than decide to bring out the relevant search results. Create Back Links:


You should post links in High Rank websites and forums. Google always prefer the valuable links. Valuable links means that from where the traffic comes frequently. Moreover, this link must be permanent link. Forum or website should not remove this link after some time.  Besides this that the website where the links is posted should not use “No Follow” with the links. If they use “No follow “with the links than search engine consider it null link.  Your links should be gradually increases with the passage of time. It means that you post maximum 5 links daily.

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