How to post back links

How to post back links?

Links posting jobs are very appealing jobs for worldwide freelancers. Links posting is very fruitful and sensitive nature of work. Fruitful in that sense when you get actual benefits from it and sensitive in that sense when you don’t know, “How to post back links?”

Search engines always give priority to the websites those have lot of back links on the other websites.  For getting search engine traffic every website needs back links on other websites. Now the problem is that how to create back links. It is complete science and strategy which need to learn some basics.

In the below I am going to tell you some of my personal experience about the techniques of back links posting.


Permanent Back Links:

Always post links in those websites where there is no chance to remove you link.  Search engine give value to the permanent links. Some free classified directories offer to post free links for up to 90 days. After 90 days you need to post again your website links.  Search engine treat them artificial back links. Search Engines have no value for artificial links.



Post links in High Rank Directories and Forums:

Google Search Engine gives ranks to the websites from 0 to 10. New websites always placed in {o} rank category but with the passage of time the ranking of website may increase. It depends on the external links found in other websites.  If your website contains the valuable content then other webmaster will post free link of your website in their website.  As the back links increases the page rank of your website also increases.  High page rank websites can easily get free traffic from Google and other search engines.

You should start discussion in the high rank forums about your website. In this way Google will give preference to your website during bringing out the search results.


Gradually increase in back links:

You should not post lot of back links in one day. Search engine is just like a human. In this way he will feel that you are deceiving the search engine. As we know that the search engine always gives value only to the natural links. It is impossible that any website get 10000 back links in one day. So you need to post back links 4 to 5 links daily. It seems to be a natural process of back links building.


Post Links in Do Follow Directories:

Some time people post back links in “No Follow” directories.  If directory consider your link as no follow then this link has no value in building “web page ranking”. So always select “Do Follow” directories and websites for posting back links.


Should Not Buy Back Links:

Most of the people are promising to buy 10,000 back links for only 10 dollars. It is fruitless practice.  They post links with the help of software in 10,000 directories but all of these practices have no value. Search Engines treat them illegal practice for building back links.  Always try to create back links from your own hand. Otherwise search engine will panelize your website in pushing back. And if your website is panelized than in future you will never get any traffic from Google search or other search engines.


Should not Link Exchange:

You should not link exchange with other websites. Reciprocal links destroy the effects of each other.  Link exchange strategy was fruitful in past but now it is entirely fruitless practice. So you should not do this practice after this


Adopt Natural Link Building Process:

Always adopt the natural link building process for your website.  Natural link building depends on the web traffic on your website. If you have purchase 1000 visitors per day than it is possible that you may increase 10 to 15 back links per day.   And if you have no traffic on your website then you should not create even a single back link of your website.


How to check the Page Rank of Website?

Download “Page Rank Extension for Google Chrome” from internet and install it in your pc. Before this, you must have “Google Chrome” as a browser in your pc. Now open any website in “Google Chrome” on the right top with the address bar you will find one digit. It may be 0, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.  Digit will show the actual page rank of website you have opened in the address bar of Google Chrome.


Back Links Must Give Traffic to Your Website:

Another most important point is this that every back link must give you some traffic on daily basis. If this back link gives more and more traffic then search engine will value to this back link. If you have more than 1 million back links but all of these links give no traffic your website then all of these back links are fruitless. Search Engine considers only those back links those are throwing traffic to the website.


Post Links in the Same Content Websites:

Always post links in the same content websites. If you website is online jobs then you should post back links of this website only another online jobs site.  If your are going to post back links in music sites then these links have no value in the eyes of search engine. Engine demands that business websites always connect with the other business websites. Sports website connects with the other sports websites.  Back search engine want to give best results in front of the searchers.


Give other Valuable Links in Your website:

Always try to provide some important links your website. Suppose we have a website on online jobs then we should provide some links other online jobs websites in our website. Try to choose high rank websites for linking. These links not only increase the value of website but also do increase the page rank of the website.


Post links in Article Directories:

Article directories are the best option to post free links in high ranking website. Write and post articles in well know article directories with the links of your website. These directories have lot of web traffic. If your article is valuable then you can get web traffic from these directories. In addition of this your “Page Rank” will also goes up with the passage of time.

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