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As we are living in a digital world where everyone has internet access either they are using mobile phone or desktop computer, internet is the essential requirement of day to day life. Besides this the internet facility has been offered at very low cast which is affordable by the common people. Now we have been living in the world where you don’t need to dispatch CV for applying job.

 The following website is also facilitating the worldwide candidates and employers in term of getting and giving jobs opportunities. Candidates just post their CVs and the employers access to them for free. Employers can get access to the whole resumes of the candidates.

Telecommunication networks make the world just like a village where everyone can access to the every other member of village. Now everyone can start his business from his own home. He has no need to have a shop in commercial market. Everyone can showcase the goods and services on olx, eBay, Facebook etc.

On Facebook and Olx people display products for free as well as paid. These social networks bring the people closer to each other. In our website there are some exclusive features are found. First of all, once you apply for any job then your resume will automatically be registered with us. After that you can apply to any other job while using your posted resume. You have no need to create resume every time you want to apply for any new job.

One thing keep in mind that we are not providing jobs instead this we have been distributing your resume to the world wide employers and recruiting firms.

In the website, we have lot of multinational companies offering jobs to worldwide people. Such as jobs of accountants, admin offers, audit officers, computer experts,  web developers, web designers, news anchors, cameramen , sub editors, monitors, managers, producers, video editors, security officer jobs, data entry jobs, freelancer jobs, government jobs, private company jobs and many other jobs. Moreover, you can find jobs in many countries such as jobs in United Arab Emirates, jobs in Saudi Arabia, jobs in Qatar, jobs in Oman, jobs in Afghanistan, jobs in Pakistan, jobs in India, Jobs in Iraq, Jobs in Iran, Jobs in Egypt, Jobs in England, jobs in Malaysia, jobs in Hong Kong, jobs in America, jobs in USA and jobs in Canada etc. 

There are so many jobs on internet. One most important is that you can put up for sale your products online on eBay and olx. On eBay company provides money back guarantee if the customer did not satisfy. For creating account on eBay, two main essentials are mandatory, one is PayPal Account and the other is Credit Card.  If eBay Administration found that someone acts a fraud then they refund back the money to the effected person.

On olx everyone has option to create free account and start selling goods & services online. People may display ads of the products and the buyer can buy them while contacting the on phone or email. Sometimes unknown people may deceive others in term of getting money and providing low quality products. But however, the buyers should be careful in all aspects.

On the other hand, supplier may create Facebook account and earn likes and followers as sharing videos, photos and text posts. Sharing in groups may chance to get more and more likes. Facebook give options to display products on page and share with the millions and millions of people. Facebook is the biggest source of traffic for displayed products and services. People of community always try to get information from social networking websites. In this ways they get access to these products and buy them as per their desires.

Google Adwords is another display place where you can share your web pages and Facebook pages where your items are being displayed.

Google Adwords display advertisements in Google Search, web publishers, besides the YouTube vides, alongside the mobile apps etc. Google Adwords also provides lot of traffic to the advertisers. Google Adwords is a paid platform but the Facebook is partially paid and partially unpaid.