How to Write CV

How to Write CV

The outlines about a person including name, age, qualification, experience, personal skills, motivation, aims and objectives etc. are called curriculum vitae.

CV writing is an art. A candidate can attract the employer’s attention while creating appealing and attractive CV.

Following are the some tips and tricks of good CV writing:

Before writing CV, read carefully the job description in advertisement. You should keep in mind that the requirements of employer. So keep an eye on your personality: either you are eligible for the job or not? If you are eligible for the job in that case you can overstate yourself up to some extent. It will show your confidence on your capabilities.

Now modify or adjust your CV according to the job role. For example if an  employer need a candidate with typing speed 40 words per minute and your typing speed is less 30 words per minute then you should mention 40 words in CV. If you mention 30 words per minute then you will be rejected. You can overcome this weakness in a very short period of time.

A candidate should not waste time and space in writing unnecessary and low important points. Always prefer your skills and experience while writing CV, so mention skills on the upper side of the page that these can catch the employer eyes in first look.

Your interest and hobbies must be similar with the job description or the employer’s requirements.

You should not demand high salary in your CV. In this way the employer feels that you are a greedy person. So the employers mostly ignore such kind of candidate. Because greedy employee always leave the job when they catch high salary package in another organization.

Instead, you should mention that you are interested to learn and improve your skills and professional enhancement. You should recount that you are devoted and hard worker. Moreover, you are always ready to reach office/work place; either it is holiday or late sitting.

Your past experience shows your expertise. So always mention the employer names with contact numbers where you had worked or working.

Mention your short term goals and long term goals in CV. Your short term goals should be to get job in an organization where you have applied for. And your long term goals should be to get respectable position in the same organization.  Reasonable candidates always keep themselves in real world. So should not mention high goals in your CV.

Always give a professional title to yourself such as “I am Producer, I am an Engineer, Web Developer, web Designer, Driver, Artist, Writer, Accountant, Bank teller, Teacher and Computer Operator etc.

Should not mislead the employer, always speak truth.

CV must be contain your full name , father name ,photo, date of birth, email , phone number , street address, your country and current country.

Mention your detail experience and job assignments where you worked.

Why you gave up the previous job? Here you should mention that there was no further learning environment and you have a passion to learn more and more in this field.

Now mention your academic record with full details; Degree Title, the name of University which awarded you a degree, %age of marks obtained, major subjects, your CGPA, your position in class and any other important point you want to mention.

Always mention your professional certificates and diplomas, if you have received from the local institutes or whatever the case may be.

Write your skills, language you can speak, read and write.

Write about your professional skills and expertise.

Mention that you can work in a channeling environment.

Write this statement with full confidence “ I need a chance to prove myself”

Mention that you are not a lazy person, you are a punctual, hard worker, honest, time devoted and you have no extra activities and assignments those can affect the office work. Moreover, also you have no family issues that your office work will disturb.

Always try to show yourself that this is your final job and you will work forever in for this organization where you applied and it was your dream that you want to work in such type of sound repute organization.

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