Earn from Youtube

Tips: How to earn from youtube.

Youtube is the biggest video website in the world and own and controlled by the Google. You can produce videos and upload them to the Youtube and monetize them with the Adsense. Adsense will display sponsors ads along side the videos. You will get paid when any visitor visit the websites of sponsor. Moreover, adsense will pay you as per thousands impressions your video received. It is the technique that how to earn from youtube. For getting more and more income from youtube , you should upload the more interesting videos. Youtube keep these videos in the list of high viewing videos.

You can get an ideas about these videos from the home page of Youtube. On the home page you will find the videos those are getting millions and millions viewers with in 24 hours. If you can create or produce such type of videos then you will earn thousands of dollars in a month.

If you are thinking that it is very difficult to get millions of visitors daily. So don’t worry. Social networking websites help you in this regard. You should make more and more friends on Facebook and other social networking websites. Now Youtube provides you an opportunity to share your video on social networking websites. In this way you will get lot of visitors from social media. The most important point is that you should create valuable video for audience.

You can get an ideas about liking and disliking of world wide people from the Google Key Words Tool. This tool will help in finding the highest searched key words. So get and ideas from two sources , First is the Home Page of Youtube and 2nd is the Google Keywords Tool.

Put your efforts into action and learn and earn at the same time.

Youtube is the biggest medium of free advertisement. You are free in creating Youtube videos and upload them. Youtube never charge for uploading videos. As you know every internet user is the user of Youtube too. So Youtube has every type of visitor. Now you can create and upload videos of your business and enjoy the free advertisement facility. You have option to share your uploaded videos with the facebook’s and twitter’s friends. In this way your uploaded video got visitors from Youtube search also.

You can run your account on the name of relatives and friends those are living in UK, USA, and Canada. There are some requirements for getting adsense approval from Youtube. The most important is that you should not upload copyright protected material. You should generate your own videos and upload to the Youtube


This is one way for making money from his uploaded videos. But on the other side you will see that most of the videos contain the Google ads with them. Still Youtube allow few countries to get adsense account through Youtube videos. But it is hope that from very soon it will be possible for every country to associate Google adsense account with the Youtube videos. If you have videos on Youtube then you can apply for adsense account while living in the countries where Youtube is allow to serve Google ads.

It is not easy to become a Youtube partner. For becoming a Youtube Partner, it is must for you to fulfill the following criteria.

  1. Create your own videos
  2. Create Original Videos
  3. Material Should be your own
  4. Should not upload copyright protected material
  5. Your video’s viewers are in thousands
  6. Upload videos on regular basis
  7. Should not upload videos containing material against any nation, race or individual.
  8. Should not upload sexual videos.
  9. You are a resident of a country where Youtube allow.
  10. Your age must be at least 18 years.

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