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Detail information about writing tips:

Article writing is not very difficult job. It is very simple job. You can write articles on different topics and sell them to the international market. A large number of people are ready to buy these unique and valuable articles. They easily pay $20 to $40 per article. Before writing article you must know the liking and disliking of the people. Google  key words tools will help you in this regard. With the help of Google Key Words tool you can find the highly searchable keys words in the world.  Not only this but you can find the highly searched key words with respect of geography.  For example if you are searching the “Online Jobs in Pakistan” the search of this phrase is highest in Pakistan. Perhaps you find nothing any search from United Stats for “Online jobs in Pakistan”. So Google key words tools will help you in finding most suitable topic for article writing.   After writing articles you can sale those through the various freelance websites such as etc.  If you are willing to start news stories than  you can make contracts with the different  news agencies , television channels, radio channels and newspapers.


How to Write Article:  Techniques of Article Writing:

What is writing:    It is the mean of communication in form of words and words grammatically connected to form sentences and these sentences are logically design to form a piece of writing.


Techniques of Writing:

There are three basic elements of writing.

Vocabulary about relevant topic.

Knowledge of Grammar.

Facts and Ideas about Topic.


Technical Writing Process:

Pre- Writing.

While Writing.

Post Writing.


Let us to discuss one by one.

Pre-Writing: (Before Writing).


Goal /Purpose:

Writer must clear about the purpose or objectives of writing. What is the topic on which he is going to write? Whether it contains




Other appealing elements.



Focus the audience in respect of their social values, their age, education, experience , professional skills, language, attitudes, behaviors, culture, mental approach and their religion etc,


Data Collection:

Writer must collect maximum facts and figures about the topic with the purpose to convince the readers. More and more arguments help the writer in convincing the readers.


Sources of Data:

There are so many sources where the writer can collect data such as books, libraries, internet, professionals, readers, writers, social media, main stream media, public places, police stations, research laboratories, schools, colleges, universities, political parties offices and many other sources from where you can collect data. It mostly depends on the nature of article you are going to write.


Constrains ( Limits ):

You must have control on time and money. You manage you budget and time to write article. So you will keep an eye on the following three points.

1) Time Available to write.

2) Money you need in collecting data.

3) Length of



Adopt the formal style of writing.

Adjust the layout of whole written piece.



Select the language in which you are going to write such an English, Urdu or local ECT.

B- While Writing: (During Writing):

While writing article you must keep in mind the following points or approaches:

1-Establish Main Idea:

Make out lines of important points. Most important points should keep up and than less important points.

2-Journalistic Writing Style:

Writer can adopt the journalistic writing style in such a way the summery of article must be write in the first paragraph as known as the intro of the news story. It should contain the 5 ws and one h. (Who, where, what, whether, and How).

Then Write details in the main body of article and at the end give back ground of the story. Back ground means that you develop a relation this story with the previous related events for the better understanding of the readers.


Logical Flow in Ideas:

You should describe each and every point step by step just like a story telling way. There should be a balance view in article from top to down. All of the arguments must be around an issue or topic. Remove all the irrelevant details from stor

FCR Approach:

In this style of writing you should give Facts first, then Conclusion and at the end give Recommendation (Give you own opinions).

Strategy of Agenda Setting:

Arrange of facts and ideas in the descending order of their importance. Most important points should be at the top and then less important points.


Chronological writing Style:

Arrange the events according to dates of their occurrence. It doesn’t mean to write article as per date only but it means that you should write news story in such a way it seems to flow of events from first to two and so on.

Organize You Message:

Give logical flow in ideas.

Gradual Approach ( Step by Step)

Simple to Complex.


Post Writing:

After writing article you must read it carefully, while reading you should change worlds and remove language mistakes, rearrange the facts, remove irrelevant detail, correct the spell mistakes, makes sentence short and simple and check the balance view.

After printing the article write must check the article carefully. Printing mistakes, spell mistakes, punctuation mistakes should be removed. Paragraph should be short and each paragraph must contain a unique idea or fact.

After proof reading the article is ready for sale.

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