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Unique Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Unique Job Interview Tips and Tricks;

Everyone wants to know about the questions of interview and what are the suitable answers for success.

Following are some important questions and their answers. Please read them carefully and try yourself at your home.


Tell me about yourself?


Here you will express yourself. While giving the answer of this question you are required to keep in mind the following points.

Start with your name.

Give your place information ( Your Address)

  • Education in short.
  • Job experience if any.
  • Family detail in short.

My name is   Ibrar, I live in Model Town Lahore. I have done my M.Sc Computer Science from NUST Islamabad. I have two year experience of database management in NUST soon after completion of my studies.


Question No.2

Why do you want to work at our company?


  • You should include the following points;
  • Tell them what you like about the company.
  • Relate it your long term career goals.

Sir, it is great privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours. When I read about your company I found that my skills are matching your requirements, where I can showcase my technical skills to contribute to the company growth.


Question No.3

What are your strengths?



  • Adaptability: I can adjust myself in any type of environment.
  • Hardworking: I am very hard worker young man with energy and potential.
  • Honest: I am always honest with my work/job.
  • Flexibility: I can work anywhere and in any location where company desired.
  • Optimistic: Positive attitude, I mostly take positive aspects of the issue.
  • Fast decision Maker: I am very fast decision maker.
  • Persistence; I am regular in my work.

Self motivated: I enjoy the work. This work is my hobby. Money is not priority for me. My satisfaction is the successful completion of my project. Moreover, I want new ways to complete the work better and long lasting.

Creativity; I have a creative mind. Always think about the betterment of my skills and abilities.

Example:   I am an honest, self motivated and hardworking boy/girl with positive attitude towards my career and my life.


Question-4 :

What are your weaknesses?


Keep this question always very short.

  • Include the following points in response to the answer of such type of questions;
  • Straight Forward.
  • Impatient , edgy , jumpy.
  • Sensitive
  • More talkative / conversational person.
  • Trust people very quickly.
  • I can’t say no when someone as for help.
  • Take decisions very quickly.
  • Gets nervous when talk to strangers.
  • To speak lie is difficult for me.
  • I am bit lazy about which I am not interested.


I can’t say no when someone ask for help and I am a bit lazy about which I am not interested.


Question-5; What are your career goals?


  • Include two types of goals;
  • Short Term Goals.
  • Long Term Goals.

My short term goal is to get job in reputed company where I can utilize my skills and improve my career path. My long term goal is to be in respectable position in that organization.

  • Why are you looking for a job change?
  • Thanks for the previous organization in improving your skills and knowledge.
  • Explain what you learn for the previous job experience.
  • Share your reason for job change, it must be related to your careers goals.

I am thankful to my previous organization because I have learnt a lot of things from there. According to me changes are necessary for everyone to enhance your skills, knowledge and personal growth and financial growth. Your organization is the good platform where I can learn more and more.


Question-6 :-

What are your salary requirements?


Never share salary requirement as fresher.

Experience candidate can share their expected salary. But always say as per the company norms for the job.

I am fresher. Salary is not first priority for me. This big platform to start my career and I also want to improve my knowledge and skills and gain experience. So I expect a considerable of salary according to my ability and your company’s norms which will fulfill my economical needs.

I am experienced person. I have 7 year of experience in web development. Salary has never been big issue for me. Still I am expecting salary as company’s norms as per my designation and my qualification and experience which can help me to maintain the standard of level of my personal and economical needs.


Quesiton-7: Why should I hire you?


  • Share your knowledge, talent etc.
  • Share your work experience.
  • Skills related to job.
  • Career goal.

Sir, as I am a fresher, I have theoretical knowledge but I can do hard work for my organization and I will put all my efforts for the good progress of organization. Being punctual and sincere, I can finish the work given to me on time and try my best to fulfill all the needs of company from me. With reference to my work experience, I satisfy the entire requirement for this job. I am sincere with my work and would never let you down in anyway promise you will never regret for the decision to appoint me in your organization. I need one chance to prove myself.


Question-8:  Tell me what you know about this company?


  • Study about the company in details form internet.
  • Do the background work about new project.
  • Know the names of their owner and partners.
  • Research about the company current issues.
  • Update your knowledge about their competitors.


Question-9: Finally, do you have any question to ask me?


  • Express thanks.
  • Salary structure.
  • Job timing.
  • Job location.
  • Over time allowance.
  • Training Period.
  • Nature of Work Company required.
  • Transport Facility etc.

You may ask any question about the work time facilities like air conditioning, computer, laptop, mobile service, etc.

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